Landscape gardening

Pneumatic spade for green spaces

Green spaces are an important part of the cities landscapes and contribute to a beautification of the town centers. Thanks to those places, nature comes back into urban areas full of concrete. 

Vegetal, trees also have a positive impact on the health of the citizens because they absorb part of the pollution and help to the temperatures regulation in case of intense heat.

Municipal employees and specialized companies have a particular attention to parks, flowers, vegetables garden. Due to the success of those green spaces, inelegant places like roundabout or abandoned places have a new utilization. 

Pneumatic stripper Scrap’air 55 with T-handle will perform in the creation or improvement of communal green spaces. Digging and preparation the places of the new ornament plants will be faster. 

Reaching each corner of those surfaces will be easy as stripper Scrap’air 55 can run with a length of hose from 50 meters. 

Removing roots or tree stump from a sick tree or dead or not at a proper location is necessary but can be fastidious. Performance of pneumatic stripper Scrap’air 55 with T handle will also be very comfortable for uprooting and or removing tree stump in green spaces. 

Removing roots or tree stump with ergonomic stripper Scrap’air 55 

There are several ways to remove tree stump or roots. In addition to the manual processes or big excavation machines, Mabi propose Scrap’air ergonomic pneumatic stripper, a range of powerful and light pneumatic machines with an easy and fast set up on workplaces. Thanks to ergonomic stripper Scrap’air range, work in green spaces will be easier and faster in unappropriated locations for big excavation machines.

The different size of pneumatic spades allows the user choosing the most adapted one to the size of the vegetal he must remove.

Pneumatic spade Scrap’air 55 with T or D handle is the perfect machine for tree stump or roots removal. Thanks to its specific ergonomic and its light weight, Scrap’air 55 for excavation is easy to use and adapted to this kind of works. Comfort during used is secured thanks to the integrated anti-vibrations systems that reduce significantly the vibrations in the user hands.


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