Concrete industry

Concrete and cement fabrication required an indepth knowhow to adapt the material to the environment it will be implanted.

The strength of the concrete is its resistance when it dries. This means that the residues in the production units are also resistant and maintenance works can be harder and tedious.

Therefore, concrete plans are carefully cleaned and maintained very regularly. 

Access to certain points during maintenance can be difficult due to the complexity of the infrastructures. 

With ergonomic stripper Scrap’air, adapt your machine to the unit production constraints. Thank to the production in our workshop, we can personalize the production, you choose the length and the handle corresponding to your requirements. 

With ergonomic stripper Scrap’air, operators will benefit from an ergonomic tool that protect them from vibrations thanks to the anti-vibration systems. 

Concrete plans cleaning will be facilitated with pneumatic stripper Scrap’air. 

Pneumatic strippers will be the perfect tool for you for maintenance works in concrete plans, thanks to their robustness. 

As for each application, with the choice between the 4 powers in the ergonomic strippers Scrap’air range, machine will be adapted to each task respecting the underlay but also delivering enough power to work fast. 

For example, Scrap’air 24 compact range with 15 joules power will be perfect for the stripping of trucks mixer, tanks, moulds and all other accessories. Du to the small head, pneumatic stripper is light and versatile.

Ergonomic stripper for concrete/cement plants

Maintenance in concrete and cement plants. In this article, you Incredible technological achievement from this last decades, concrete plants are everywhere and are part of the mobile installations the most widespread.

The biggest advantage of those fabrication units is their mobility that allow an implantation everywhere around the world. To secure an optimal production, maintenance on the concrete and cement plants is a very important point for the lifespan of those infrastructures.

Concrete become now a day the first material of all construction works, it has be close to the workplaces to ensure fast deliveries at any time.

Scrap’air 38 range in short version will bring power and comfort for the stripping work in the big mixers.


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