Air pick

Excavation in urban places requires the introduction of safe work instructions face to electric and gas conducts.




Towns, roads are in perpetual evolution. Works improved the road conditions but are also necessary to benefit from the last evolutions in term of technologies and or security like the landfill of electric network or the laying of fiber optics. 

Those tasks are difficult and dangerous. Now a days, some networks are unclassified that can sometimes really complicate the interventions. 

To ensure a general safety for operators and citizens, specialists use adapted tools to prepare the surfaces and ensure the passage of the big excavation trucks. As reminder, those kinds of tools can be an obligation on certain workplaces. 

In addition to its pneumatic strippers, Mabi offers an air pick that allow to unpack hearth and clear the underground networks. As for the ergonomic Scrap’air range, Mabi thought to the safety and the protection of the operators with this air pick. A plastic cone keeps the projectiles made by the power of the jet air away from the user and the tube material isolate from electricity.
With a weight of 2.5kg, air pick Mabi will always be ready to use on workplaces and will allow the big excavation trucks to dig carefully. 

The extension and the elbow at 45-degree give more versatility and more adaptability to the workplaces constraints. 

Saf’Dig benefit from the ergonomic D handle, developed for the Scrap’air range and ensure a good catch in hands.



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