Industrial maintenance

In industry, the maintenance of production equipment can be long and tedious.

Those tasks are repetitive but essential in all kind of production process.

Some industrial installations require particular maintenance tools adapted to a specific environment: accessibility, confined places, humidity, heat, …

To save time in those industrial maintenance operations and increase the production time, Scrap’air 38, pneumatic scraper develops 30 joules power to quickly and efficiently strip hoven, molds, mixers, pipelines and all other industrial installations.

The assortment of different grips, able Scrap’air user to adapt their machine at the specific environment constraints during industrial maintenance. You will win in performance.

In addition, anti-vibrations systems from Scrap’air 38, pneumatic scraper protect users against musculoskeletal disorders in order to respect the European norm.

The pneumatic hammers confirmed their robustness in extremes conditions like salt mines or in fertilizer production (very aggressive industry due to chemicals products).

Thanks to compressed air energy, Scrap’air 38, pneumatic scraper can be easily cleaned and decontaminated which make this tool also powerful in demanding and intensive industries such as the agro-food industry. Scrap’air, pneumatic scrapers are designed and manufactured in our workshop to grant a strong reactivity to users’ needs, especially in emergency cases.


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