Construction professional, are you looking for an effective tool to remove plaster and roughcast from façades efficiently and effortlessly? Here is the tool you need!

Roughcast removal, facade renovation: the limits of traditional methods

For small surfaces, the use of a hammer and a chisel, or even a hammer drill can achieve a satisfactory result. Once the surface to be demolished becomes larger or the work to be carried out requires tighter deadlines, these conventional methods are no longer sufficient to ensure a satisfactory yield.

Indeed, these traditional tools are not designed and adapted to this primary use, both in terms of their efficiency for this task and their ergonomics. Poor user posture and excessive tool vibration can lead to time loss and degradation of working conditions on construction sites.

A fast and effective method for roughcast removing and for interior / exterior walls stripping

or optimal comfort and time saving, we recommend the pneumatic hammer: Scrap’Air 24. Thanks to it everything becomes easier.

Indeed, this tool developed in the 80s by MABI and improved over time is lightweight, easy to use and to maintain. The Scrap’Air 24 is ergonomic and has a power of 15 joules for a weight of 3.8 kg. It is the perfect tool for such tasks.


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