Ergonomics and efficiency


The Scrap’Air range offers a high reduction of vibration with its system patented by MABI. Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) cause most of the occupational diseases. Referring to these problems, many informing campaigns have been mobilized during the last/latest years. Improving working conditions by using the right device minimizes the risk of occupational diseases.

The European Council Directives 2002/44/EC have fixed minimum vibration levels affecting hands and arms. Thus, MABI developed, in partnership with the UTBM, one of the most important French school for technical engineers, a new concept patented in 2010: a second anti-vibration system integrated in the handle, completing the one in the nozzle head.

The vibration has been reduced considerably. For example our Scrap’Air 36 at the 3-dimensional tests executed by the French National Development-Center (LNE) resulted with a maximum vibration level of 6,05 M/S².

Focus on efficiency

Tests we performed together with our customers on various construction sites confirm without any doubt the enormous level of efficiency given by the alliance between ergonomics and power of our Scrap’Air.

Estimation of risks

From now on, it is possible to watch a comparison of vibration levels of common and authorised tools in the European Market.

Optimised comfort

The results of MABI observing users at work has allowed ergonomics and design to optimise comfort in the new range. The concept of the new grip is a direct result of ergonomics that favours an optimal working position for comfort of the back, shoulders, elbow and wrist.

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