Any deep renovation of interiors will lead to a change of walls and floors coverings: tiles or carpets are good examples.

Efficiently removing tiles

Bricklayers or tilers, here is your solution. If you need to remove tiles from the wall, we recommend the Scrap’Air 36 (short or medium). The 25 joules power is adapted to the tiles removal without too much effort. Try it now; you will be convinced by its effectiveness.

Removing floor coverings

We recommend the long reach scaler like a Scrap’Air 38 (long handle) for any floor covering removing or demolition. Thanks to the pneumatic hammer, you can peel several tiles at the same time, remove faster lino and carpets, while preserving your back. Its long handle ensures an optimal work position while its two anti-vibration systems reduce significantly the vibrations in hands and arms.

Scrap’Air Ergonomic hammers, your partner in renovation

We designed Scrap’Air to meet the needs of users looking for a reliable and powerful tool.

Using a pneumatic hammer saves time and optimizes comfort for the user. Its robustness and simplicity of maintenance make it an indispensable ally in your daily work. Wind up with excessive vibrations or approximate effectiveness. Choose Scrap’Air!

Caution, removing tiles or flooring may cause splashes or cuts. Some precautions must therefore be observed. For your safety, wear suitable individual protections (gloves, goggles, masks, safety shoes).


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