Asbestos has been banned in the building construction after the modification of the decree 96-1133 on December 24, 1996.


To remove this contaminated material, specific workplaces must be set up to allow the operators working in safe conditions for their health. Those tasks are operated by professionals, properly trained working in very particular conditions with wearing complete protections (gloves, masks, assisted ventilation,…).

Those asbestos removal workplaces are binding but indispensable and are real playground for the ergonomic pneumatic Scrap’air stripper.

Thanks to their power-to-weight ratio, compressed air hammers allow fast and safety work in extreme environments because they are light, handy and have a fast starting up. 

Each tool or machine entered in a zone will be contaminated by asbestos. The pneumatic scraper will have to decontaminated before the next use. Choosing Scrap’air striper, is investing in a long-term machine that can be cleaned, decontaminated and stored in its box before the next workshop. 

Asbestos is in lots different materials in floors or on walls. The different length offered in the scraper range Scrap’air allow the users to adapt their tools according to the workplaces constraints. 

Pneumatic scraper in short or medium length are perfect for work on walls or ceiling. Machines with long handle ensure a good work position during stripping jobs on floors. 

With the choice of 4 powers, ergonomic Scrap’air stripper will be adapted to the hardness of the materials that need to be removed: for example, pneumatic Scrap’air 36 with 25 joules power will be perfect to remove glues or tiles while Scrap’air 55 and its 35 joules power will allow the removal of hard materials such as asphalt overlay.

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