Extended warranty



Do not work without tool or without oiler / air purifier (pressure 8 bar max) 

Imperative after each use : Remove dust, clean and dry lubricate the head of the machine, set up the machine during 5 seconds, keep dry in its box 

2 years warranty, Warranty applies on:

  • Assembly anomaly, manufacturing defect
  • Unusually defective parts 
  • Wear parts are not under warranty (balls, springs, rings, circlips, valves, pins, copper washer, quick coupler…)

How to use your pneumatic Scrap’Air

Get 100% control of your Scrap’Air with the help of our technicians’ advice. Installation of the components, basic steps, maintenance tips or how to use your Scrap’Air, we help you maximize your potential!

Compressor setup video tips

Before using the compressor, you must make sure that you have the correct outlet pressure and a clean air circuit. 

For optimal use, the outlet pressure should be between 7 and 8 BAR. 

Before starting up, remember to check the oil level by looking at the sight glass at the bottom left of the motor. 

Caution: At the end of the work and before any transport, it is important to empty the 3 air tanks.

Maintenance tips for your Scrap’Air

You improve your performance on your work sites, which is good. But a tool remains efficient when it is maintained regularly. Discover the tips to optimize the performance and durability of your pneumatic Scrap’Air.

How to adjust the inline oiler

The inline oiler is an essential part included on all Scrap’Air tools,

It is used to lubricate the whole tool so that it slides properly.

If you find that the lubrication level is too low or too high, adjust the level.

To keep the inline oiler in good condition, we recommend that you handle it with care and store it properly in the carrying case.

How to unblock the clamp?

Sometimes the feeder gets blocked due to a lack of lubrication.

If the clamp is stuck in the upper part, try to drop the clamp downwards. Try several times until you hear the clamp drop back down. Turn the scraper on again to give it a test run.

Safety precautions for using Scrap’Air

The Scrap’Air is a reliable and robust tool. However, it must be maintained to maximise its performance. Please observe the following recommendations: 

Do not work without tools or without an air purifier-lubricator (max. pressure 8 bar) 

After each use: remove dust, clean, dry, lubricate the head of the device, run it for 5 seconds, store it in its case, keep it in a dry place. 

The warranty period is 2 years (extended warranty of 6 months if you fill in this form), it applies to:

  • Assembly faults, manufacturing faults
  • Abnormally defective parts Wear parts are not covered by the warranty (balls, springs, rings, snap ring, valve, pin, copper washer, quick couplings, etc.)
  • The warranty extension applies only to Scrap’air still under warranty.

Benefit from an extended warranty on your pneumatic scraper

Thank you for your interest in our equipment. To benefit from a 6 month warranty extension, please fill in the form below.



Help: find the serial number of your Scrap’Air

The serial number is engraved on the head of your air scraper, just below the Scrap’Air logo.

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