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Fast and effective

Our customer had to pull out 1000 square meters of a two-layer waterproofing coating on concrete floor. We suggested him to use a Scrap’Air by MABI. He worked twice as fast and protected the health of his employees.

Rodrigue D. – Distributor

A knowledge of the Scrap’Air range

The new website gives a better vision of the possible applications of Scrap’Air according to the work that needs to be done. It helps the disclosure of this range of tools that deserves to be known. 

Étienne B. – Distributor

Scrap’Air is a very reliable tool

It’s an efficient pneumatic hammer that perfectly meets the requirements of our construction sites and the execution procedures.

Khellaf B. – User

Great technical and commercial support

Following the launch of a new model of Scrap’Air in our agencies, MABI team has assisted us from both a technical and a commercial point of view. Their help has been invaluable in training our teams and allowing us to prepare our sales force on this new product.

We recommend the Scrap’Air 55 pneumatic hammer to all our customers for the stripping of waterproofing bituminous membranes.

Stéphane S. – Distributor

200% satisfied

Very good equipment, very professional team. More than 10 years of collaboration, MABI excels in the field of pneumatic hammers. Ours customers are delighted.

Julien L. – Distributor