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Scrap’Air 55 a long reach scaler : floor removing, demolition and excavation

Ideal for: roofers, tilers, landscape gardeners, civil engineers, etc.

Unique on the market, a long reach scaler  Scrap’Air 55 pneumatic hammer is the most powerful of its range thanks to its 35 joules. Only available in long handle, it is mainly used for ground work, such as the removal of plastic and bituminous coatings, resins or for floor demolition. But the S55 can also be used for excavation tasks in the civil engineering thanks to its configuration in T-grip.

Preserves your health

Reduced vibration rate and optimization of working position preserve your health.

Less MSDs, more comfort.

Maximum power

35 joules: high power adapted to the most demanding tasks.

You save time and money.

Made to last

Our manufacturing standards guarantee a robust and durable high-end device.

Tempered steel tools offering high resistance with a grit blasted surface to avoid oxidation.

V1 ou V2 ergonomics: You have the choice!


The S55 V1 has a single vibration reduction system in the head of the device while having a pistol-grip. The excavation kit is only available in V1.

The V2 provides extra protection for the user with a second anti-vibration system in the pistol-grip. 60% reduction in hand-arm vibration for the user.

Technical specifications for pneumatic scalers

  • Air consumption: 300l/mn
  • Working pressure: 6-8 BAR
  • Tools: hexagon 18mm
  • Power: 35 joules
  • Frequency: 2250 blows/mn
  • Delivered in a handy-box containing either:

Roofing removing kit:

carpet knife (cf. 4 on the picture), two extra steel blades (5), 15 cm delta knife (3), vertical chisel (2), 5 cm chisel (1), in-line oiler (7), coupling for mobile compressors (10), oil can (8) and protection kit (9).

Floor demolition kit:

15 cm delta knife, 5 cm chisel, pointed chisel, in-line lubricator, coupling for mobile compressors, oil bottle and protection kit.

Scrap’Air 55: fields of application for pneumatic scalers

Waterproofing removal

Public works