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Scrap’Air 38: long reach scaler industrial maintenance and demolition

Pneumatic scalers ideal for: demolitions, removing of any floor covering, cement works, concrete and asphalt plants, etc.

Available in every lengths, the long reach scaler Scrap’Air 38 pneumatic hammer is ideal for cleaning industrial facilities such as ovens, mixers, concrete plants, conveyors etc. Versatile, powerful and easy to handle, it is also used for masonry surface work, in light demolition of walls or floors and the stripping of furnaces and mines ventilation ducts.

Versatile by nature

Available in short, medium and long lengths, the S38 is suitable for many tasks and adapts to all your needs.

Overcomes obstacles

30 joules for a fast and impeccable result. Tackle all difficult coatings.

Increasing output

Ergonomics and raw power result in a high level of performance. Reduction of MSDs for a significant improvement in productivity/yield/output.

V1 or V2 ergonomics: You have the choice!


The S38 V1 has a single vibration reduction system in the head of the device. It allows to have a straight handle in its short and medium versions, very suitable for close work. The long S38 has a pistol-grip.

The V2 provides extra protection for the user with a second anti-vibration system in the comfortable pistol-grip. 60% reduction in hand-arm vibration for the user.

Scrap’Air 38: fields of application pneumatic scalers

Concrete and asphalt removal

Industrial facilities maintenance

Asbestos removal

Floor removal and demolition