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Scrap’air 36 pneumatic scalers : lightweight, solid/sturdy and handy

Pneumatic scalers for: bricklayers, tilers, asbestos removal technicians, etc.

Designed for the renovation of all types of buildings, Scrap’Air 36 excels in both light demolition (masonry and tiles) and in the removal of asbestos coatings or even in the cutting of blocks of frozen meat. It is available in short handle for confined environments or close range jobs. The medium length allows to reach the slightest areas.

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Handy and lightweight

 Wether used with the straight handle or the pistol grip, the S36’s size and weight allow easy handling.

The power you need

25 joules for 3,4 kg.

A phenomenal weight / power ratio.

Easy cleaning and maintenance

The simplicity of the design and the absence of a motor allow for reduced maintenance and quick decontamination.

V1 or V2 ergonomics: you have the choice!

The S36 V1 features a single vibration reduction system in the head of the device. It allows to have a straight handle, very suitable for close work.

The V2 version provides extra protection for the user with a second anti-vibration system in the handle. The gripping is done with a pistol-grip. 60% reduction in hand-arm vibration for the user.

Scrap’Air 36: pneumatic scalers other fields of application

Facade renovation

Tile removal

Asbestos removal