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Scrap’Air 24: a pneumatic scalers designed for wood peeling and facade renovation

Scraper Ideal for: facade renovators, timber frame stripping.

Designed for small-scale renovations to walls or woodworking, the Scrap’Air 24 pneumatic hammer facilitates both plaster removal and peeling of worm-eaten parts of wood frames. It also makes it possible to repair pallets.

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Easy handling

Whether used with the straight handle or the pistol grip, the S24 is always easy to manipulate.

Controlled power and efficiency

15 joules for 4750 rounds/min.

Minimum vibration for maximum strike frequency.

Optimal ergonomics

Designed to improve both comfort and performance on site.

The S24 V1 features a single vibration reduction system in the head of the device. It allows to have a straight handle, very suitable for close work.

Scrap’Air 24: others pneumatic scalers application

Wood peeling

Facade renovation