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In the case of  renovation of terraces, balconies or roofs, insulation defects can be noted. To remedy this, the professionals put a waterproof layer directly on the coating.

Waterproofing is a protection technique against the elements. Its purpose is to protect the exterior structures of buildings against rain, wind and moisture. This method avoids water stagnation and encourages its evacuation. For your safety, we advise you to wear personal protective clothing before starting work.

Waterproofing: coatings removing with Scrap’Air

If you want to remove  waterproof coatings on roofs, balconies and terraces, we recommend the Scrap’Air 55 pneumatic hammer.

This tool is perfect for effectively removing waterproof membranes. The Scrap’Air 55 V2 has 2 anti-vibration system; it offers optimal comfort during use and limit musculoskeletal disorders.