There are on the market serval power sources to run tools on a workplace. Machines are classified according those power sources and three categories can be identify: hydraulic, pneumatic and electric tools.

As Mabi a tools hand manufacturer is, we will only compare in this article the principal power sources from this equipment: electricity and compressed air. For the same applications as ergonomic stripper Scrap’air, very few hydraulic machines are used.

During the last decades, the tools market has grown up offering a very large range thank to the development of international economic trades. Offer is huge and touch lots of different users’ types, that’s why diverse ranges are now available to answer to customers’ requirements as price, quality etc… in addition to the market development, distribution networks have structured their organization according to the market with mass retail, hard discount outlet, specific networks reserved to professionals, internet, …

But with such an offer, how to choose?

Why ergonomic pneumatic Scrap’air makes the difference ?

Manufacturer since 1967, Mabi designs and develops innovative and qualitative machines for the professionals in the industry and building construction branches. In this article, the focus will be made on the machines for professionals.

Everybody knows the electric tools, from with the small drill and to the big jackhammer, those machines are part of our day to day lives. Working principal of those tools are always more or less the same: electricity powers a motor that operate the chuck on which a chisel is set up, in a rotative or percussion movement. The size of the motor will change according to the power lever that will impact directly the size of the machine.


On the other side, pneumatic tools very appreciate from industrials and specific professions like garage owner, are not very well-known to the general public. compressed air tools are also very efficient and sometimes even more powerful than electric tools. The energy to run pneumatic tools is disengage from the machine as it is the air generated by the compressor that delivers the power to the machine. Due to this specific conception, the ergonomic of the pneumatic tools can be adapted to the work constraints in contrary to electric tools that are depending from the size of their motors.

For that reason, pneumatic tools became minimalist tools as the energy source is not fixed on the machine. They benefit from a high power-to-weight ratio to ensure an optimal efficiency and allow high performance while preserving the health of users: they are lighter and equipped with anti-vibration systems especially for the ergonomic pneumatic stripper Scrap’air range.

How ergonomic pneumatique stripper Scrap’air makes the difference ?

The advantages from compressed air tools have convinced Mabi founder to continue the development of his tools with the pneumatic energy which is more beneficial to professionals’ users of the machines: longevity, reliability, lightweight, etc.…

The range of ergonomic pneumatic stripper Scrap’air has been designed and developed to answer to professionals’ requirements in term of power, ergonomic and health:

  • 4 powers to fit to lots of applications,
  • 4 grips to adapt the ergonomic of the stripper to work positions,
  • 2 anti-vibrations systems to increase the health protection of the users.

In addition to its technical aspects, Mabi is part of an eco-responsible approach with the development of partnerships with local suppliers and offering durable machines thank to the stock of spare parts and technicians respectful of the longevity of the tools.

Assembly and inspection of all our machines and tools before expedition ensure to Mabi customers and users high quality products and services. In addition, the commercial strategy allows the users to order personalized equipment (adapted length, ergonomic, …).

To respect its engagements, Mabi looks for professionals in the distribution market to offer to its users a supply of tools and accessories close to their workplaces through a trained sales representative’s network.


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