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The latest addition to the range of Scrap’Air pneumatic hammers, the S24 compact is perfect to remove friable or delicate materials (cut stone, historical monuments, etc.). Its compactness makes it a formidable tool for the renovation of buildings but also for low-intensity stripping in an industrial environment.


Expert in the renovation of historical monuments and all types of sensitive substrates

Mastered power for a quality renovation

The S24 compact has a power of 15 joules. It strikes just right and respects the surrounding materials. It is ideal in the case of brittle or fragile coverings such as industrial equipment, some old buildings or historic monuments: castles, farm buildings, mansions and of course public buildings (train station, court, cultural building or place of worship …).


Often, the materials used can’t withstand a violent chipping with conventional tools (hammer-chisel, breaker ..). But, it is still necessary to have a significantly better performance than using a hammer and chisel … Building renovation with a Scrap’Air hammer saves considerably time thanks to its unbeatable performance. More importantly, you can be certain that you are using the right tool for this type of work. The 15 joules delivered at a rate of 4750 blows per minute are suitable for the preservation of sensitive materials of historical monuments.


The Strasbourg SNCF train station is a striking example of a heritage jewel renovation using the S24 compact. On this site, the technicians encountered a common problem on historical monuments: having to remove the old cut stones, here in pink sandstone, damaged in order to replace them. And all this in respect of the original support!




Extremely lightweight and… compact

As for the whole Scrap’Air range, we take into consideration the impact of ergonomics on your everyday use. The device is specially designed to favor optimal user ergonomics and therefore impeccable comfort. In the case of the S24 compact, you benefit from the most compact and lightweight Scrap’Air in the entire range of our pneumatic hammers.


With a pocket-sized dimensions of 30cm, the S24 compact make it essential in confined environments such as industrial tanks and equipment or onto scaffoldings. It weighs only 2.3 kg and its use significantly improves the comfort of the user. At comparable power, breakers, chipping hammers and jackhammers are usually two to three times heavier.


Good to know: there is also a version with a 20cm handle for a total length of 50 cm for only 2.8 kg.


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The main features of the Scrap’Air S24 compact


Here is the spec sheet that contains the essentials on the S24 compact. You can click on it to download the PDF: