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Take advantage of an extended warranty for your pneumatic stripper

Thank you for your interest in our equipment. To benefit from a 6-month warranty extension, please complete the form below.

    What is your main use of Scrap'Air? *

    Help: how to find the serial number of your Scrap’Air

    The serial number is engraved on the head of your pneumatic hammer, just below the Scrap’Air logo.

    Safety directives when using Scrap’Air

    Scrap’Air is a reliable and robust tool. However it must be maintained to maximize its performance. Please respect these recommendations:

    • Do not work without tool or without oiler / air purifier (pressure 8 bar max)
    • Imperative after each use : Remove dust, clean and dry lubricate the head of the machine, set up the machine during 5 seconds toi oil the machine, keep dry in its box
    • 2 years warranty (6 months warranty extension by completing this form), this one applies on:
      • Assembly anomaly, manufacturing defect
      • Unusually defective parts
      • Wear parts are not under warranty (balls, springs, rings, circlips, valves, pins, copper washer, quick coupler…)
      • The warranty extension applies only to Scrap’Air still under warranty.

    Videos: Tips and maintenance of your Scrap’Air

    Discover Jonathan’s tips to secure the good use of your Scrap’air and get information regarding maintenance, mastery of the tool and more to help you maximizing the potential of your pneumatic hammer.