Stripping and maintenance of industrial ovens

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Industrial stripping consists in renovating and maintaining the means of production without damaging them. Indeed, stripping allows the maintenance of refractory linings of industrial ovens and kilns, converters and ladles in foundries, ducts and chimneys in factories as well as all elements that are subject to fouling. Many industrial fields are also concerned: Refinery, Petrochemical, Chemical, Waste Incineration, Energy, Cement … 

What is heating engineering?

The associated industrial activity is heating engineering, which consists of preventive or curative maintenance, repair and renovation as well as new works regarding heating needs. 

The work performed by heating engineers includes the construction of boiler bases, the installation of thermal insulation and refractory linings on the walls of furnaces and ladles in foundries. Through regular maintenance, this work can be limited to the replacement of refractory linings without demolishing the masonry elements. In some cases, it is necessary to carry out a complete refurbishment with demolition work and then brickwork and tamping.

These works present particular risks and are carried out by the internal maintenance services of the manufacturers or by external companies specialised in thermal engineering which are committed to strict quality and safety policies.

Maintenance of industrial ovens

Why maintain industrial ovens?

In general, the maintenance of heating elements is essential to ensure their proper operation and to prevent them from catching fire. Regular maintenance ensures that industrial ovens remain in good condition and that the quality of production is maintained by limiting the risks of pollution of the materials produced in the ladles and furnaces in the iron and steel industry, the cement industry or the glass industry.

Scrap’Air Pneumatic Hammers: recommended for the maintenance and the cleaning of furnaces, ladles in foundry

Scrap’Air ergonomic pneumatic hammers are innovative and easy to use. These pneumatic hammers allow you to scrape all types of surfaces thanks to their versatility and the variety of tools offered. They are available in different lengths and powers to adapt to all work configurations. Thanks to their ergonomics and their striking power, they guarantee a high performance on the work sites. Their patented anti-vibration system reduces vibrations by up to 60% to improve working conditions for users.

OP GLOBE : industrial referent and partner of Scrap'Air

For more than a hundred years, Outils Pneumatiques GLOBE has been manufacturing and selling tools and equipment for various industrial sectors such as the automotive, railway, foundry and aeronautical industries. OP GLOBE markets a wide range of production tools for the industry, for assembly, cutting, grinding and hammering, particularly adapted to the activities of the smoke shop.

For several years, OP GLOBE has been an industrial partner of Scrap’Air. A team of technical sales experts in the field of industry travels throughout France to study, present and recommend the best tooling solutions according to the specificities of production and maintenance.