How to choose Scrap’air tools: delta knives, and steel blade knives

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Importance of delta knifes, and steel blade knifes: specifics tools for pneumatic hammers Scrap’air

As well as the choice of the machine, using the right tool – such as chisels or pics – has its importance in the success of a construction site. Mabi adapted its range of pneumatic stripper hammer during the last 50 years. Scrap’Air covers today a large range of applications: industrial, maintenance, construction sites, building renovation, landscaping and works in green spaces, etc… 

To ensure the longevity and robustness of delta knives and steel blades knives, Mabi chose as a partner a German factory, created in 1946, specialized in the production of high quality tools. All tools – including delta knives and steel blade knives – are produced with a combination of strong steels. The delta knives and the steel blade knives have been treated on the surface to protect them against oxidation. 

To cover a alrge field of applications, the tools range has been developed. Scrap’Air can strip wood, concrete, stone but also glue residues, mosaic, tiles, lino, etc. 

Differences between delta knives and steel blade knives

During thin stripping jobs, such as glue residues, the angle of attack has to be efficient to remove them without damaging the support. That’s why the Scrap’Air range offers several delta knives to cover this application. Molded in one piece for a higher resistance, they can be sharped during use to secure the efficiency. 

The delta knife with 8cm width is often used to strip wood before treatment to remove dead parts or bark and in renovation. 

Delta knives 12 and 15cm are very efficient on floor works to strip glue residues, carpets, linos, etc. Available in a straight or curved version, those delta knives will ensure a perfect attack angle without damaging the support. 

The steel blade knives are similar to the delta knives but are equipped with a blade screwed on the support. Thanks to the thickness of the blade and its sharpness, these tools will be perfect allies for stripping thin layers on fragile surfaces. To cover different applications and building site constraints, 2 widths are available: 10 and 20cm.