How to choose Scrap’air tools: the spades

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Spades for pneumatic stripper hammers

As well as the choice of the machine, using the right tool – such as spades – has its importance in the success of a construction site. In order to cover a wide range of applications such as industrial maintenance, construction, building renovation, landscaping and maintenance of green spaces, etc, Mabi has adapted its range of ergonomic pneumatic scrapers Scrap’Air.

In order to ensure the longevity and robustness of its tools – such as spades -, Mabi has chosen as a partner a German company founded in 1946 and specialized in the production of high-quality tools. The spades are manufactured in a steel mix and have undergone a surface treatment to guarantee their longevity.

The range of tools has been developed to meet a wide range of applications and to strip different coatings. Scrap’Air can strip wood, concrete, stone but also glue residues, mosaic, tiles, lino, etc.

The different types of spades for pneumatic scrapers.

During excavation work or in green spaces, the importance of the spade size is essential. Therefore, there are 3 sizes in the Scrap’Air tool range.

In order to meet the needs of green space work, the manually forged spade measuring 15 x 30 cm allows you to dig, remove shrubs in the same way as with a manual spade, but more efficiently thanks to the strength of Scrap’Air 55.

To access buried networks or clear manholes, the range offers two smaller spades molded in one piece like delta knives or chisels. The sizes of 10x10cm and 15x13cm allow the tool to be adapted to the work site constraints.

Thanks to the quick installation of these tools, gain time and efficacity on your work sites by using pneumatic spades.