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How to choose the tools for Scrap’air: chisels and pics.

As well as the choice of the machine, using the right tool – such as chisels or pics – has its importance in the success of a construction site.. Due to its 50 years of experience, Mabi adapted its range of pneumatic stripper hammer Scrap’air to cover a large applications: industrial maintenance, construction sites, building renovation, landscaping and works in green spaces, etc…

Advices to select the chisels and pics for your Scrap’air stripper:

For each of those applications, you will have to choose the right tools for example: chisels 2.5cm, chisel 4cm, chisel 5cm, chisel 8cm or pics with the correct shank to optimize your productivity.

To ensure chisels and pics long lifespan and robustness, Mabi decided to develop a strong partnership with a German factory, created in 1946, specialized in the production of high-quality tools. The chisels, pics, knifes are produce with a combination of steel and have received a surface treatment to ensure their longevity.

The range tools have been developed to cover many applications and are adapted to the stripping of lots of different materials. Scrap’air can strip wood, concrete, stone and also glue residues, mosaics, tiles, lino, etc…


The different chisels and pics

For all demolition work requiring a narrow and incisive angle of attack, the chisels and pics will perfectly suit those jobs. Those tools will be suitable to remove materials like concrete, glues, foundries finishing, … The chisels are available in different widths from 2.5cm up to 8cm. Thanks to the hexagonal shank, changing the attack angle will be quick and helpful in order to adapt to stripping constraints. The chisel with carbed has been developed for works in concrete and brick, such as repointing bricks and removing plaster, mortar. It will be also useful to cut the walls to insert the electric cables, for example.

To secure and maximize your bush hammering works, the stocker with 16 steel teeth will suit perfectly




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